Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A simple answer

fancy a new playlist to listen to? well here you go! there seems to have been an abundance of good music released recently, my absolute favourite of which is grizzly bear's new album, shields. it's a beauty, i highly recommend that you go and buy it as soon as you can. there's lots of other lovely stuff in this mix too, you can download it here. i hope you discover something new here that you love, if you do please go and buy the albums and support the artists. 

1. 110% - jessie ware
2. how many? - how to dress well 
3. little man - little dragon 
4. jupiters - four tet 
5. swingin' party - kindness
6. bridge or cloud? - errors
7. igoyh - kwes
8. five seconds - twin shadow
9. a simple answer - grizzly bear
10. storm - django django
11. creeping - 2:54
12. river of the damned - weird dreams 
13. there's no leaving now - the tallest man on earth 


  1. Thank you for another great playlist!

  2. I really need to download your playlists but I always find them when I am at work and keep forgetting when I get home. I'm emailing this to myself to download when I am at home.