Thursday, 4 October 2012

Be Mine

can i resist a cat themed phone case? no, no i can't. i'm adding this one by leah goren to my wish list- right away. i'm sure you've seen leah's signature cat print around and about, maybe on a pretty little dress in anthropologie? well now you can have a pretty little phone, too. 

right now my phone is dressed up in leah's other cat print from iconemesis, and it's been that way since  it was given to me for my birthday in april- that's got to be a phone case record (for me, anyway). leah + cat prints = match made in heaven. 

image by leah goren


  1. Oh that is so adorable. Now, if only there were a dog one...

  2. Umm, I NEED THAT!! Never mind that I just bought one of those Kutusitanyanko cat cases -- I WANT THAT ONE!

  3. ah, what a cute iphone case! i don't own one, but if i did this is the case i would want!

    lindsey louise

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