Tuesday, 6 December 2011


my parents wanted me to make them a christmas card design to send to their friends and colleagues, and this is what they got! when they were in sweden a couple of years ago they picked up one of these little guys and we all love him, he's got the softest beard. i hope the real santa has a beard this soft. anyway so i drew him for the cards and i think he looks pretty cute. hope you're all feeling festive! my boyfriend thinks i'm a scrooge because i don't want to put the tree up yet, in my family we always put it up on christmas eve. i'm compromising that tradition to put it up a week before but he's still moaning! i absolutely LOVE christmas, i just like it to be in a concentrated timeframe otherwise i feel like i'd get too used to the decorations and maybe even bored of them? that would be a tragedy! we had this very same argument last year but what are you gonna do hey?! i can't wait to see what the kittens make of their first christmas, and more importantly their first christmas tree. oh man i have a feeling they're going to rip it to bits.  


  1. LOL absolutely love that christmas card design ;)
    i found you via monki and i am really really fond of your drawings and photos, you are probably one of the best artists i´ve come across so far, really totally the style i like in drawings and paintings etc :) wish i could draw like you do :)
    God bless you xx

  2. do you read swedish fashion blogger www.mogis.se?

  3. awr, love the illustration! make me chuckle somehow

    xo katrina