Tuesday, 29 May 2012


i know at least a couple of you have noticed that there hasn't been a new music mix around here for a while, but don't fret, i've gotten my act together and made one! i wont be making a monthly playlist anymore, you know how sometimes a month feels like a really long time, and sometimes it goes by in a flash? lately mine have been whizzing by. i'll still be making mixes but they will pop up when i feel the urge rather than every month. hope you enjoy this one! you can download it here.

1. shuffle - bombay bicycle club 
2. vowels = space and time - grimes 
3. troublemaker - beach house 
4. land of the bloody unknown - the middle east
5. cyan - kindness
6. matilda - alt j
7. you know you like it - aluna george
8. feel flows - the beach boys
9. love life - girls 
10. bluish - animal collective
11. return to form - daniel rossen
12. wild heart - stevie nicks

cover image from here 


  1. Half of my favourite songs of the moment! I love your blog so much!